SOS: Support our Students - Coronavirus Assistance Fund

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many BGU students are at risk of delaying their academic studies. AABGU is committed to raising $3 million to meet the acute need for financial aid.

Save the Class of COVID-19

BGU President Prof. Danny Chamovitz shares a heartfelt message and explains what is at stake when students are not able to continue their studies.


Students Facing Financial Stress

14,000 undergraduates
4,000 graduate students
2,000 doctoral candidates

Immediate Needs

An estimated one in five BGU students is at risk of delaying their studies due to financial stress. Some are now unable to pay for their basic needs.

BGU is facing a:

  • 70% increase in students requiring financial aid
  • 25% increase in the dropout rate
  • 30% decrease in enrollment

How you can help.

  • $2,200 will provide financial aid to a master’s degree student for one semester
  • $1,375 will fund one undergraduate financial aid package for an academic year
  • $540 provides a student with an annual internet package
  • $250 will provide study materials and tutorials for an entire year
  • $180 will provide groceries for a family of four for one week

Save the Class of COVID-19. Help us act today to ensure a better future tomorrow.

As Israel faces a widening economic crisis with unemployment exceeding 25% and the financial situation of many families becoming more tenuous, your tax-deductible contribution to SOS: Support Our Students helps ensure that each and every student reaches their full potential.

The need is pressing. The time is now. Save the Class of COVID-19. Help provide $3 million to BGU by October 15, in time for the start of the fall semester.

In addition to donating online, checks can be made out to AABGU and mailed to: AABGU, Attn: SOS, 1001 Avenue of the Americas, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10018.

How to Help

BGU is facing a:

How you can help.

Help us act today to ensure a better future tomorrow. For our students. For the Negev. For Israel. For the world.